Thursday, March 6, 2008

Accent mode in Emacs 22

For a long time I used the emacs iso-accents-mode for my editing in Spanish. Looks like this has finally been removed from the standard emacs distros, so I had to figure out whatever they replaced it with. Here's what I (eventually) found: To get the same functionality as the old iso-accents-mode, you need to change the input mode. The official doc can be found here, but here are the basic commands.

M-x list-input-methods

C-x RETURN C-\ method RETURN
This is how to select the input method.

Toggles the input mode on/off. Pretty useful.

The mode I use is latin-1-prefix. It should be familiar to the iso-accents-mode followers.

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David said...

Gracias, eso era justo lo que estaba buscando; luego de actualizar de Emacs 20 a Emacs 23 no me estaban funcionando las tildes y las eñes.